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MSV songs in English - Behindwoods Gold Mic Music Awards

When we wrote the subtitles for Alex in Wonderland show, I was curious to sing MSV's music with English lyrics. Behindwoods award function was a good platform to try this out. MSV's can hold anything! Here is the video: Here is the English lyrics for these MSV's timeless melodies: # Kaatru Vaanga Ponen I had  GONE to get some fresh air A POEM fell in my hand She GOT that away from me Now WHERE did you go away, baby? I'd just GONE to get some fresh air # Aaahaa Mella Nada AAHAA WALK slowly walk slowly DON'T hurt your tender body Your  JASMINE feet will hurt and become and achy Your  Hips are dancing away to glory! Won’t it DISTURB your decked up beauty? # Avalukkenna Azhagiya Mugam There she goes! What a pretty face! Here he comes! He is too nice! It is getting dark! Moon is coming soon! Next is wedding knot! What else do you want? Such a sweet bond! This is gonna go for |

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